Amazing Places in Santiago De Cali to Include In Your Bucket List

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Santiago de Cali is located in Southwest Colombia, one of the fastest-growing economies founded in 1536 by a Spanish explorer. Cali hosted the 1992 World Wrestling Championship and will be the first city to host the Junior Pan American Games in 2021. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Cali include Cristo Rey, La Ermita Church, Museo La Tertulia, De Cali Zoo, Church of San Antonio, etc.

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Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Santiago De Cali:

Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey is a 26-meter tall statue of Christ the King located in the village of Los Andes, Cetto de Los Cristales, and west of Cali, Colombia. The statue was inaugurated in October 1953 in celebration of 50 years of the end of –War of a Thousand Days. The statue has been made using iron, concrete with a mass of -464 tons.  Visitors have the option of witnessing the artworks of CARLOS Andres Gomez and his biblical scenes of Golgotha.

La Tertulia Museum

La Tertulia Museum or the Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia features some of the most impressive American and Columbian art. The museum consists of 3 buildings where more than 300 artworks are on display contributed by both national and international artists. It also includes workshops for school children, a theatre, and a space dedicated to printing and restoration workshops.

De Cali Zoo

De Cali zoo is located in Cali city; it features more than 1200 animals and is one of the most visited regions of De Cali. It started since 1981 and besides a zoo, it is dedicated to preserve and provide medical care to animals. It is home to more than 180 species of animals from lemurs, condors, monkeys, etc.

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